Benefits for the seller

Seller protection: maximum confidentiality through incognito presence

100% control over contact and property data disclosure

Save transaction time through precisely targeted acquisition

Finding the best possible transaction partner without waste

A closed marketplace ensures the certified investor quality

Benchmarking and optimisation of key transaction figures

Offer investment property as a seller -
Why use Asset Profiler?

Receive exclusive, confidential and structured access to our ever-growing database of investor profiles active in the German commercial real estate market. Among these are open and closed-end funds, Special Funds, locally and nationally active developers, foundations, insurance companies, pension funds and occupational pension plans, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, housing associations, etc.


You alone maintain exclusive control over the sales process: in the matching you see suitable investors with full names, and the hit rate including both conforming and diverging factors. On this basis, you alone decide whether and to whom you want to reveal your asset offering, and your identity as a seller. Your sales offer information is at no time visible for other Asset Profiler members.

Asset Profiler permits a highly confidential and targeted response from investors whose investment needs exactly fit with your asset. You thereby achieve a selective market presence: the maximum possible market coverage without waste.

Therefore you are able to achieve your sales success more efficiently, faster and without causing a disadvantage to the property by negotiating benefits on your own terms.


The advantages of Asset Profiler at a glance

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Both investor and seller?

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