Are my data secure?

Asset Profiler provides maximum protection for all entered data. Unauthorized access is not possible. At no time does Asset Profiler undertake any transfer of your data. Your asset data are visible solely to those names to whom you choose to reveal them, via a series of steps over which you have total control.

Asset Profiler is an online tool, which is optimized to work with all common browsers. A software download is not necessary.

Who can see data on my sales assets?

Your asset data are disclosed only to interested parties you select in a step-by-step release process. Stopping this process lies at all times, solely in your hands. The use of data by the investor, is protected by a confirmation of Asset Profiler confidentiality agreement.

Who can view my asset profile data?

Your profile information is displayed only in the matching process if the seller enters a minimum level of asset information defined by you and Asset Profiler. Asset offerings such as "house with roof for sale, commission payable" are not possible. The use of asset data on the investor side is prohibited in accordance with the binding confidentiality agreement contained in Asset Profiler Terms and Conditions of Use.

Does Asset Profiler charge a commission / brokerage / referral / ancillary fee?

No, these are entirely the domain of the intermediary (in case the asset is offered through an intermediary or broker) Asset Profiler thus offers members a high control of costs as it makes no unexpected commissions / brokerage / referral fees or charges.

The business model of Asset Profiler is based on the monthly fee payable by its certified members. Certified members of the Asset Profiler platform pay a monthly subscription.

More on this under Price model. However it is possible that a property is offered by the seller, subject to a commission. This is indicated separately. Such situations are covered by market practice and regulations of the German Civil Code (BGB) and the Agents and Developers Law (MaBV).

Who is my opposite number on the platform?

Asset Profiler is a platform for companies who actively buy and sell real estate. These mostly institutional market participants, mainly come from the business fields of open-end funds, closed-end funds, Special Funds, project developers, foundations, insurance companies, pension funds and occupational pension plans, private investors, family offices, cities and municipalities, etc. All participants are subject to a thorough access certification. Sellers of real estate must also legitimize themselves as the legal owner or owner's representative of the asset in question.

What investment volume does Asset Profiler offer?

Based on the German market, Asset Profiler is currently displaying structured property searches and sales offers for a total value of about EUR 2 billion.