Benefits for the Investor

Off-Market-Deals: Seller protection allows access to highly confidential properties

Quality not quantity: finding the best possible investment property

Save transaction time through precisely targeted acquisition

Facilitated market entry - instant communication of a changed investment focus

Best possible market penetration with maximum discretion

A closed marketplace ensures the certified seller quality

Review investment property assets as an investor

Asset Profiler offers you the opportunity to define your specific investment requirements confidentially. Your investment wishes are provided via our matching system, only to those sellers who offer an asset that fits with your target profile. A general perspective of the investment wishes of all investors is not possible. You have the ability to proactively approach sellers who have assets fitting your investment profile. At this point of the process, the property and seller data still remain confidential. The seller is the party who makes the decision whether to disclose this information to the potential investor. Sellers are required to upload documented proof of ownership or selling mandate. In this way the genuine availability of the property on offer is assured.


Asset Profiler allows you a selective market presence that solves the paradox of achieving the widest possible market presence along with maximum confidentiality. In this way those sellers are informed about your search who did not know you previously as an investor or who were not aware of this particular investment requirement.


Through the use of Asset Profiler in the acquisition process you increase the possibility of receiving the best property asset match to your investment criteria, at the same time reducing the number of unqualified and unsuitable offers. An asset sales offering basis that is as broad as it is accurate, enables you to achieve shorter transaction times on the way to profitable investments, as well as efficient comparisons of these. Asset Profiler therefore sustainably enhances the efficiency of the acquisition process.

The benefits of Asset Profiler at a glance.

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