Our price model

Membership in Asset Profiler is subject to equivalent subscription fees for both sellers and investors. Asset Profiler charges no commission, brokerage, ancillary or referral fees. This model assures cost control for users as well as equivalent treatment of sellers and investors, and the independence and neutrality of Asset Profiler.

You may choose freely from the following 'investors 'and 'sellers' modules according to amount of intended use and/or combine them in any manner wanted. Subscrition upgrades are allowed at any time. Please note that brokers and agents have only limited access as investors. Unlimited investor-access for brokers and agents is only possible upon submission of a specified legitimation by the represented investor.

anbieter Vendor and investor Investor Modules

Combination of any number of different Modules allowed
Modules Platinum Gold   Basic
Properties / Investor profiles no limit no limit   2
Investment volume per individual asset no limit maximum €12m   maximum €4m
· Free data input service no limit up to 10 per month   -
· Multi-branch ok -   -
Price per Month*
(ex-VAT, where applicable)
899 EUR 549 EUR   149 EUR
myProfiler (optional) 199 EUR 149 EUR   -
* Based on a 6-month contract
published on October 1st, 2015

Upon 12-months duration or if more than 1 status is booked we are happy to arrange for an individual quotation.

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