Proper weighting of important details

Asset Profiler works with detailed scoring functions: different weightings of the criteria, based on a variety of industry-specific parameters, calculate the closest possible matches. Within this process, slight variations between asset offers and investment profiles are quite intentional. The scoring system gives you the opportunity to set precise target criteria without directly excluding potential matches which may be similar and of interest. The customary investment-practise of initiating transactions, that best suit the conditions available, is guaranteed. The sum of the points earned in the scoring process indicates the quality and extent of the matching. A high correlation with one criterion can thus compensate for a weaker match with another.

A practice-oriented level of detail ensures a precise 'snapshot' of the asset for sale and the buyer-side investment profile

The scoring system ascertains the best possible overlap between supply and demand

The mandatory criteria ensure a high information quality

The detailed matching overview allows precise review of criteria prior to any contact between seller and potential investor(s).

The Asset-Profiler platform in focus

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