Full cost control and maximum confidentiality

Asset Profiler offers individual matching processes that ensure investors and sellers maximize market coverage with the highest degree of accuracy. Both parties remain confidential for a long period and are identified to each other only on attainment of the highest possible matching quote.

As a seller, you trigger the matching process that then suggests to you, by name and without any irrelevancies, the closest correlated asset investor(s). Using a colored 'traffic light' scheme, the detailed overview highlights correlations and deviations from the defined features in your property and investment profile. As a result you decide individually whether, when and to whom you want to offer the asset and reveal your identity.

As an investor, you are shown only those sale assets whose fundamental data exhibit the closest possible match to your investment profile. In addition, based on a matching overview that initially presents a selection of assets and sellers anonymously, you have the possibility to contact the seller and request a offer quote. Sellers are required to upload a proof of ownership or marketing mandate. This system ensures high data quality and verified asset availability, without prematurely revealing your willingness to invest or publicising this wish elsewhere.

A basic Asset Profiler principle is that only those asset offers and investment profiles are shown that exhibit the maximum possible matching overlap. It is not possible for any user at any time to view an open, general list of asset offers or seller profiles.

Membership in Asset Profiler is charged on an equivalent basis for sellers and investors alike. Asset Profiler charges no commissions, brokerage or fees etc. Use of this model ensures user cost control, equivalent treatment of sellers and investors, as well as the independence and neutrality of Asset Profiler.

Maximum confidentiality: The user decides individually whether, when and to whom to reveal his data.

No visible open access to asset data or investment profiles.

No commissions or brokerage fees - full cost control via membership subscriptions.

The Asset-Profiler platform in focus

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